"Most Successful Project in North Cyprus"

  • Would you like to own an apartment in the most successful project in North Cyprus close to an outstanding sandy beach?
  • Apartments range in price from 39,000 GBP to 250,000 GBP
  • The pictures below give you a taster of what is on offer in this prestigious, award winning apartment complex.

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North Cyprus Property Guide

Buyers guide to North Cyprus Property

• You should understand the North Cyprus property buying procedure, particularly the type of land your property is on. More information on the types of land, and the buying procedure in North Cyprus is available further down on the sub menus of this section.
• You should give thought to which area of North Cyprus you choose to buy property in. For further information on the difference between choosing to purchase in Kyrenia, Famagusta or Karpas area please write to us for free consulting at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our consultants at North Cyprus Properties Agent will send you an information sheet on North Cyprus property – Which area to buy.
• You should understand why property is so cheap and the potential prospects of your property purchase with regard to rental income and long term investment. Please write to us on the provided email for further information on North Cyprus property investment potential.
• It is essential that you understand how a law relating to North Cyprus Property known as the Specific Performance Law affects your purchase contract

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